Unique, Personalized Health Care Drives Women’s Services

The Campus Transformation Project will offer a variety of health and well being services under one roof, and the Project’s centerpiece is the Women’s Center for Life and Health. The Center will utilize the latest clinical advances as well as patient education to empower women and provide gender-sensitive health care for women throughout various stages of life.

Pain-free, minimally invasive care is a hallmark of Little Company of Mary’s women’s services. These services also champion early detection, as illustrated by the hospital’s pre-emptive screenings and superior diagnostic tools. Doctors at Little Company of Mary use all of these tools — not only for early detection, but also to prevent them from becoming life threatening.

The Women’s Center for Life and Health is home to high-tech imaging–and all women will benefit from the sophisticated technology and clearer images that digital mammography provides.

Little Company of Mary’s Diagnostic Imaging Department provides patients with complete care in all areas of imaging, from general radiology and CT scans to ultrasounds, PET/CT scanning, MRI and nuclear medicine. Their ability to provide more accurate diagnoses not only avoids invasive procedures and unnecessary tests, it allows our board-certified radiologists to perform a variety of interventional procedures that include VNUS closure treatment for varicose veins, uterine fibroid embolization, breast biopsy and angiography.

Little Company of Mary has pioneered a breakthrough radiation procedure that provides cancer patients with a faster, less invasive radiation treatment. A dose of radiation is delivered directly to the tumor site immediately after the tumor is removed. Little Company of Mary is the first hospital to do so in the United States. Instead of the standard six to seven weeks of treatments most patients receive, Little Company of Mary patients receive their radiation treatment in one day with this advanced technology.

In addition to state-of-the-art facilities and groundbreaking technologies, women receive personalized, world-class care. Carol Fox, who learned she had early-stage endometrial cancer and was treated at Little Company of Mary, is a testament to the success of the hospital’s revolutionary technology and nurturing care.

Upon beginning her minimally invasive treatments at Little Company of Mary, Fox was comforted by the steady and calming reassurances of her physician. “His sincerity and compassion were so real that there was no other way to respond except with trust. His manner was that of a doctor back in the 1950s. He sat there for as long as I needed him,” Fox recalls.

With leading technology and the hospital staff’s constant care and encouragement, Carol Fox is now cancer free. Like Carol, all women treated at Little Company of Mary have access to the same state-of-the-art technology offered by large academic medical centers, but with the comfort of the compassionate personalized care provided by Little Company of Mary Hospital.

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