Too Young for a Hip Replacement? Think Again

You might be a great candidate for a hip replacement surgery — except you’re relatively young, and artificial hips only last 20 years or so. Your doctors want you to wait as long as possible. Up until a few years ago, that’s all you could do. But a new surgery might help.

Hip resurfacing is a procedure that is a good option for younger hip pain sufferers. Traditionally, someone with hip pain undergoes a hip replacement surgery, in which the hip joint is replaced with a prosthetic implant. This requires a portion of the upper femur bone to be removed. Hip resurfacing also replaces the hip joint, but it requires less bone to be cut. Instead, the upper femur is reshaped.

Most hip replacement patients must wait as long as possible to have a replacement, because when synthetic parts wear down, there is no way to fix or replace those parts. For this reason, many hip replacement patients are advised to wait as long as possible before undergoing surgery. But hip resurfacing leaves the femur bone intact, so the patient has a better chance of one day having a total hip replacement. In other words, it’s a good alternative for younger patients who may not be able to wait 30 years for a hip replacement.

The risks and recovery time for a hip resurfacing may be the same as for a hip replacement. However, for younger patients whose pain prevents them from waiting years for relief, hip resurfacing may be a good interim alternative. If this sounds like you, talk to the Little Company of Mary Bone & Joint Specialists about whether hip resurfacing is a good choice for you. It could be the difference between 20 years of pain — or 20 years of walking freely. Go to today.




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