Satisfied Patients because of High Service Standards

At Little Company of Mary Hospital, nurses and staff are committed to creating satisfied patients. We follow what is called the “CORE Service Standards of Performance”, and we love when these standards shine through patient testimonials.

Below you will see the CORE Service Standards, followed by words from Ann, who had her baby at Little Company of Mary on March 14, 2011.

We are Committed to always being friendly and professional. “Dr. Doshi was the doctor who delivered our daughter. We are truly grateful to her for delivering to us one of our greatest blessings. Dr. Doshi was a calm and even presence in the labor room. She worked well with the delivery nurses and provided excellent post-delivery care. When we were dealing with the anxiety of having our daughter in the NICU, Dr. Doshi’s words were very reassuring and helped to ease our pain,” said Ann.

We Own every situation and respond with compassion. “The labor and delivery nurses were friendly, communicative and empathetic. They addressed our needs immediately and maintained excellent communication with our doctor. It was clear that the staff had our best interests at heart as they willingly provided us with explanations of procedures. In fact, these staff often stayed past their shifts to ensure that we received appropriate care,” said Ann.

We Remember that patient safety and providing quality care is their job. “Our baby was in the NICU for ten days to treat pneumonia. We can’t possibly express enough gratitude to the NICU nurses and doctors who took care of our precious baby. These individuals were gentle, patient, empathetic, knowledgeable, and caring…The staff took care of us as much as they did our daughter, understanding that our comfort and knowledge were integral components of our daughter’s recovery. Thanks to these individuals, not only did our daughter recover, so did we,” said Ann.

We Ensure that our decisions and actions are always responsible ones. “We received fantastic care from the staff in the maternity ward. Although it was difficult to be without our baby, the nurses, assistants and doctors were sensitive to our situation. They repeatedly asked about our baby and were willing to help us in any way possible. When we were dealing with the uncertainty of our baby’s condition, the staff gave us a shoulder to cry on and frequently checked in on us. All of the nurses were wonderful and provided amazing care,” said Ann.

We are thrilled with Ann’s gratitude and her kind words. Since our nurses and staff are the face of our hospital, we are especially proud of the closing thoughts of her testimonial: “Overall, it is clear that the staff who work at Little Company of Mary Hospital or who are associated with the hospital view their work as meaningful and valuable. In our minds, we will always think of these individuals whenever we think of Little Company of Mary.”

It is our goal that each and every patient experiences the CORE Service Standards in such a real way while being cared for at Little Company of Mary Hospital.

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