Proceeds from the Beverly Breast Cancer Walk Fund Two New Specialized Nursing Positions at Little Company of Mary Hospital

It is estimated that one in eight (12%) women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. Little Company of Mary Hospital offers women state-of-the-art diagnostics including digital mammography, ultrasound, stereotactic biopsy, MRI, and PET/CT to aid in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

To assist and guide women diagnosed with breast cancer through their cancer journey, Little Company of Mary has added two new staff nurses to the Comprehensive Breast Health Center’s multidisciplinary team; a Breast Nurse Navigator and a Clinical Trials Coordinator.

The Breast Nurse Navigator partners with the patient throughout the course of her treatment from diagnosis through survivorship. Her role is multifaceted from providing education on treatment options to assisting with the psychosocial needs of the patient as well as her family.

The Clinical Trials Coordinator position is an exciting step forward for breast cancer care at Little Company of Mary Hospital, as it will bring promising new treatment options to patients.

“We will collaborate with the National Cancer Institute and a local university hospital to provide clinical trials for patients,” said Susan Arnold, MHA, BSN, RN, Director, Patient Care Services at Little Company of Mary Hospital. “The Clinical Trials Coordinator RN will collaborate with the multidisciplinary physicians and staff to identify patients who would benefit from a clinical trial, and then manage their care throughout the trial.”

The two new specialized nursing positions at Little Company of Mary’s Nationally Accredited Comprehensive Breast Health Center were made possible by the generous contributions of the Beverly Breast Cancer Walk. The Beverly Breast Cancer Walk is the largest three-mile walk in Chicago’s Southwest side. The Walk is held every year on Mother’s Day in the historic Beverly Hills and Morgan Park neighborhood.

What began with three pioneering women (Carol Moriarty, Nancy Mulcahy and Lisa O’Brien) who believed in fighting breast cancer with one step at a time on one of the most memorable days of the year-Mother’s Day has blossomed into more than 14,000 neighbors and supporters that all have joined in the fight against breast cancer. The goal of three pioneering friends was to raise awareness and a little money to support women in

the community undergoing cancer treatments. 15 years later, their accomplishments have gone further than they can ever imagine.

Over the past 15 years, the Walk has raised more than four million with all proceeds going to Little Company of Mary’s Accredited Comprehensive Breast Health Center. Thanks to the Walk, the hospital over the years established the Comprehensive Breast Health Center, expanded free integrative therapy programs for cancer patients, purchased

two digital mammography machines for more accurate cancer screenings and now hired two new skilled, specialized nurses-a Breast Nurse Navigator and Clinical Trials Coordinator.

“The walk has enhanced our ability to serve our patients,” said Susan Arnold. “It allows us to provide the women the true continuum of care, from diagnosis through survivorship.”

To learn more about Little Company of Mary’s Nationally Accredited Comprehensive Breast Health Center, please visit or call 708.229.4050. To schedule your mammogram, call (708) 499-8550. Visit our website at to watch a short video about Little Company of Mary’s Comprehensive Breast Health Canter.

The Beverly Breast Cancer Walk is still taking donations, please visit to donate or to learn more about the upcoming 2015 walk.


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FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Clinical Trials Coordinator, Norma Starr, R.N., and Breast Nurse Navigator, Cara McGuire R.N., B.S.N., together at Little Company of Mary’s Women’s Center for Life and Health.



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