Pink Lemonade Stand Raises Money for Breast Health Center

In October, twins Brian and Matt Kettering and Maggie Hackett decided to do their part to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness month. They were inspired by their mothers, who both are breast cancer survivors.

The middle schoolers decided to use the resources and audience they had close at hand—pink lemonade, so the color made their cause clear, and students and staff at their school, St. Christina. “We decided to do a pink lemonade stand because the girl scouts did one for children who have cancer. We decided that we should have a pink lemonade stand since both our moms are breast cancer survivors. We wanted to help find a cure because we do not think that anyone should have to go through something like this,” said Brian.

In just one hour during two lunch periods Brian, Matt and Maggie raised $200 for the Little Company of Mary Breast Health Center, where both mothers had received treatment. For Maggie, seeing her mom go through cancer had a lasting effect, “My favorite thing about my mom is how strong she was throughout her treatments no matter how bad the pain was.” And besides supporting the cause by raising money for the Breast Health Center, she offers some great advice to other kids whose parents are going through breast cancer. “Always tell her how much you appreciate her and remind her how much you care and support her. Remind her every chance you get that you love her that’s what they’ll really appreciate,” said Maggie.

We’re sure their mothers must be proud for this great effort. And we know the kids are proud and glad that their mothers’ journey with breast cancer is complete. “When my mom finished her treatment, I felt relieved because I knew about the cancer, and I knew that a lot of other moms couldn’t call themselves survivors. I was happy that my mom was still with me, and that wasn’t going to change,” said Matt.

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