Meet our Tip of the Week Tweeter, Joan Murphy

Joan Murphy, a personal health coach at Little Company of Mary, is an inspiration to those who meet her. She has been in the healthcare field for more than 30 years and values the journey of each individual that she meets. She offers an inspiring message, and we wanted to help her share it with the world. So we now publish “Joan’s Tip of the Week” to our Twitter feed.

Murphy believes that the problems we encounter in our life are often small and can cause a great deal of damage to our physical and emotional self but the good news is there are learned behaviors that can help us manage our response to these problems in a positive way. She also feels strongly that once an individual makes the “decision” to change, they possess the power to make it happen. As a personal health coach, Joan addresses this personal power and works toward that goal to make it happen for her client.

A few recent tips:

  • Begin each day with an affirmation or prayer to recognize that each of us are a blessing to someone and to smile when we affirm this to ourselves. We are making it a better day for at least one person and our daily work will reflect that.
  • Remember to put the right fuel in your tank. It is now proven that breakfast is for champions and we are all champions. We need a balance of protein and carbs to get our engines going and we start in the morning. Heart disease and stroke prevention programs has proven this.
  • Take your work in life seriously but not yourself. You know that you have become an adult when you can have a good laugh at yourself.
  • Smile as often as you can each day. It will kick in the good chemicals called endorphins and will make others around you feel good and make their day more positive.

Joan is the Director of two very successful Health Education Centers at Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers. She is a Registered Nurse and an MS in Management and a Ph.D. in Behavioral Psychology. Read more about Joan on our Women’s Services health coach pages.

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  • Joan, Sage advice! Thank you ! I agree that affirmations are key and I am going to use them every day. What a beautiful photo of you. Love, Lori

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