LCMH Recognizes Outstanding Nurses in Celebration of National Nurses Week 2017

On Thursday, May 4th, Little Company of Mary Hospital (LCMH) recognized outstanding and dedicated nurses at Little Company of Mary’s 2017 Nurses Week Awards and Recognition Tea. This was part of a national celebration week to honor the nearly 3.1 million registered nurses in the United States that comprise our nation’s largest healthcare profession. This year’s theme was “Nursing: The Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.”

Left to Right: Ann Halleran, RN, BSN, Behavioral Health – 2017 Nurse Educator of the Year; Katie Hunt, MSN, RN, Manager of the Stroke Unit and Stroke Program Coordinator at LCMH – 2017 Nurse Leader of the Year; Colleen Duggan, RN, Telemetry – 2017 Preceptor of the Year; Bridget Johnson, One Day Surgery – Care Partner of the Year; Lori Woods, MSN, RN, 4 West – 2017 Nurse of the Year

Four LCMH nurses and one care partner were specifically recognized for consistently going above and beyond in their compassionate care and duties. These recognitions include: Care Partner of the Year, Preceptor of the Year, Nurse Educator of the Year, Nurse Leader of the Year, and Nurse of the year.

“We celebrate these individuals for their efforts in delivering compassionate care while encompassing the principles of ethical practice in the profession.” said Lisa DiMarco, M.B.A., RN, NEA-BC, FACHE, CNO / Vice President of Patient Care Services at LCMH. “It is a celebration of the dedication and continuous improvement in safe and quality care for our patients.”

DSC_2853Care Partner of the Year award was presented to Bridget Johnson, One Day Surgery. “Bridget consistently demonstrates a professional demeanor with coworkers, patients and physicians. She is courteous and respectful to all. Bridget always is wearing a smile on her face and is extremely organized, independently takes initiative and is able to multitask in order to ensure all patients are cared for in a timely manner. Her quality of work is pristine. Bridget handles every obligation with ease and never complains. She is extremely knowledgeable and has great foresight. Bridget is empathetic to the needs of each patient. She is non-judgmental and often identifies care needs that may not be initially apparent. Bridget truly cares about everyone she interacts with.”


Preceptor of the Year Award was presented to Colleen Duggan, RN, Telemetry. “Colleen always stays calm and professional when precepting new or student nurses. She consistently takes her time with each individual. She always arrives to work on time and is ready to go to her patients’ rooms with her new hire nurse or student nurse. Colleen is helpful with care partners and never depends on the care partner if she has enough time to do the work herself. Colleen is organized and very good at prioritizing both her patients’ needs and her time. She regularly tunes in to the specific needs of each orientee or student and will re-arrange her scheduled work days/times in order to accommodate the orientee’s schedule because she doesn’t want her orientee to feel like she has ‘ditched’ them. Colleen is continuously teaching new things to push her students to the best of their abilities. She even follows up with the new nurses after orientation is completed.”


Nurse Educator of the Year was presented to Ann Halleran, RN, BSN, Behavioral Health. “Ann exemplifies professionalism and compassion in all her interaction with patients, staff and physicians.  It is not uncommon to hear, ‘Hey, I know this nurse. She was here the other day helping me with a patient. She is so great!’ Ann is highly visible around LCMH. She does her utmost to dispel myths and fears.  Physicians, nurse leaders and staff trust her knowledge and experience. The quality of Ann’s work is excellent. She extends the level of quality to the fine details. She is organized and presents in a manner all audiences can understand. Ann has an abundance of compassion for her patients that are suffering and she is passionate about teaching others how to develop patience, tolerance and the necessary skills to care for patients.”

DSC_2860Nurse Leader of the Year was presented to Katie Hunt, MSN, RN, Manager of the Stroke Unit and Stroke Program Coordinator at LCMH. “Katie carries herself exemplary.  She is approachable at all times.  She is attentive to those who speak to her, meaning she listens more than she speaks which makes her a great leader. Katie has effective and timely communication skills, is extremely well-organized, task-oriented, skillful, supportive and dependable – all of which make her a great leader. Katie steps up to any opportunity or challenge that is presented to her and she and her teams deliver positive outcomes. She is consistently positive and upbeat. She is compassionate and graceful to all she encounters. Katie is nurturing and is a mentor to many.”

DSC_2865Nurse of the Year was presented to Lori Woods, MSN, RN, 4 West. “Lori is a professional as evidenced in her attitude, appearance and behavior and her willingness to help team members out without being asked. She is positive on the unit and leaves her personal issues at home. Lori is able to control her work load no matter how many patients she is caring for. She has great rapport with physicians, therapy and other care givers. Lori gets involved with her patients and families: she listens, hears and responds to them. I see first-hand how patients smile and respond knowing they are getting great, quality care which is so important to their recovery. Lori provides them with educational information as well. I have witnessed Lori suffer with her patients and together, step by step with her feelings, care, desire and knowledge, she brings patients full circle. Lori has encouraged me to continue to work hard and ask questions so I can be a stronger care giver. Lori is a care giver, teacher, interpreter, manager, team player, educator, client advocate, counselor and researcher.”

Lisa DiMarco, M.B.A., RN, NEA-BC, FACHE, Vice President of Patient Care Services / Chief Nursing Officer at LCMH, addresses the group

As discussed at the Nursing Awards luncheon, the Swanson Theory of Caring, named for Kristen Swanson, RN, PhD, FAAN, has five basic principles: Knowing, Being With, Doing For, Enabling/Empowering, and Maintaining Belief. According to Swanson, caregivers should do their best to know and understand what each family is going through and be present to listen and not burden them with more than they can handle. Venerable Mary Potter, founder of the Little Company of Mary Sisters, once said: “We all work, but again, it must be repeated, it is the spirit in which we work for which we will be rewarded.” These five individuals are exemplary of both Swanson’s Theory and of the mission of the Venerable Mary Potter and the Little Company of Mary Sisters – to provide compassionate care to the sick and dying.

National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6th and ends on May 12th, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing. The American Nurses Association (ANA) set these as permanent dates to position Nurses Week as a nationwide event. Throughout National Nurses Week 2017, LCMH also hosted a Nursing Breakfast and a Mass of Thanksgiving, in addition to other celebrations held to honor our nurses.


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