Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Little Company of Mary Hospital’s Future Affiliation Options

As we ring in 2017 and the Hospital celebrates its 87th anniversary, we had the chance to connect with Dennis Reilly, President and C.E.O. of Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers (LCMH), and gain his perspective on the current organizational effort to evaluate potential health system partners for the future. . .

Is Little Company of Mary Hospital for sale?

  • No. However, we are considering a strategic partnership.

What do you mean by a strategic partnership?

  • Strategic partnerships could take shape in a variety of ways. For example, LCMH could align with another organization to expand a specific service line, participate in an insurance network or collaborate with other providers to improve the overall health of our community. At the other end of the spectrum, LCMH may join another health system that shares our mission, values and commitment to our community.
  • Our process will identify various options, including the option that LCMH remains independent. Ultimately, the LCM Sisters and LCMH’s Board of Directors will determine the course of action that’s best for our patients and community for the long-term.

Is this the first time Little Company of Mary has formally considered a strategic partner?

  • No. Over the past several years, other hospitals and health systems have frequently invited LCMH to become part of their respective organizations. These opportunities were carefully considered but eventually rejected as the value to our community was not clearly demonstrated.
  • This is, however, the first time LCMH has actively solicited affiliation opportunities with health systems that share our non-profit charitable mission, values and culture of commitment to providing quality care.

What is behind the decision to seek a strategic partner at this time?

  • During the past few years, many government and insurance mandated changes to physician and hospital payments have occurred. Many are intended to create a more coordinated care delivery system, provide preventative care, lower costs and improve quality and access to care. We also have witnessed the acceleration of strategic affiliations in the greater Chicago market as more and more physicians, hospitals and other health care providers join forces. In response to these trends, while anticipating even more consolidation, LCMH’s Board of Directors, working with our senior industry advisors, determined that being “connected” to a larger system of care delivery may provide our community with expanded health services right here in Evergreen Park. Positioning ourselves to be ready for the next wave of health delivery changes is what makes “now” the appropriate time to explore our options.

How might this impact Little Company of Mary’s current “affiliation partnerships?”

  • LCMH currently has affiliation partnerships with several academic medical centers to bring specialty services to our community. Our ability to continue to provide these, as well as additional services, to our community will be an integral part of our assessment process.

Where do you see Little Company of Mary in three years?

  • The hospital celebrated its 87th anniversary this month. During these 87 years, many changes in both our community and the healthcare industry have occurred. New innovations, legislation and treatment models have altered the way we provide care. Each time, under the guidance of the Sisters and Board, the hospital adapted to perpetuate the healing ministry of Jesus and renewed its commitment to providing exceptional care to our community. I see Little Company of Mary Hospital continuing to serve our community, not only for the next three years, but for many years to come. In fact, plans for our 90th anniversary are well underway.

What surprises people the most about Little Company of Mary?

  • I think people who have not been to our campus for a while are amazed by its transformation, especially our beautiful West Pavilion that opened in October 2012. Many comment on the attention to detail to preserve historical artifacts from the original1930’s tower and the reconstructed 1929 porte cochère. Another response I often receive relates to our renovated 1984 building, that we call our South Pavilion. Although it’s not apparent from the outside, we recently remodeled our South Pavilion patient rooms and established a dedicated orthopedic unit. Additionally, we unveiled our renovated, state-of-the-art operating rooms. Little Company of Mary honors its past while continuing to invest for the future benefit of our community.

What makes Little Company of Mary special?

  • The hospital has a special bond with this community because of the inspiring leadership of the Little Company of Mary Sisters, the unwavering commitment of our physicians and other medical professionals and the devotion of our employees. The Sisters have always been committed to ensuring that Little Company of Mary Hospital cares for our neighbors right here, in our community. The Sisters’ compassionate, caring approach for all we serve has been imbued into the daily lives of all our employees. The Little Company of Mary Sisters have empowered our staff to carry out the mission of caring for the sick and dying, now and long into the future.
Dennis Reilly, President and Chief Executive Officer of Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers

Dennis Reilly, President and Chief Executive Officer of Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers

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