Free Colorectal Seminar, “Can We Talk? New Techniques in Colorectal Surgery”

Presented By: Dr. Michael Hurtuk

HurtukSince 1916 there has been a special field in medicine devoted to the health and wellbeing of the lower gastrointestinal track. Once known as Proctology, this important field is now called Colon and Rectal Surgery.  Colon Rectal surgeons treat conditions like bowel incontinence and diseases of the intestinal tract such as cancer, diverticular disease, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

In the past, many people who had colon or rectal surgery lived their live after surgery with a colostomy:  An opening made in the abdomen connected to the bowel requiring the wearing a colostomy bag. Although this two lifesaving surgery is still necessary in some cases, there are many new techniques that are available to facilitate a more normal pathway for moving the bowels. This is a delicate subject. After all, who likes talking about their bottom and their bowel movements?

We invite you to meet  Dr. Michael Hurtuk, practicing fellowship-trained colorectal surgeon, as he presents “Can We Talk? New Techniques in Colorectal Surgery”. Dr. Hurtuk likes to say “everybody does it” but for some people there may be issues with which a fellowship trained colorectal surgeon can help.

Join us on Monday, March 9th for a FREE informative and fun discussion of a difficult topic. “Can We Talk? New Techniques in Colorectal Surgery” will be held at Little Company of Mary Hospital, Link Room A on the 1st floor hallway across from Café 95. Program begins at 11:15 AM -12 Noon. To register and for more information call 708 423-5774.

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