Featured Provider: Get to Know Dr. Rasha Atallah

Every month, we feature a provider as an opportunity for the community to learn more about the great people on staff at Little Company of Mary (LCM). This month, we had the chance to talk with Rasha Atallah, M.D., family medicine physician with the LCM Medical Group.

Burbank Medical Center

4901 West 79th Street, Suite 10
Burbank, IL 60459


Read on to get to know Dr. Atallah:

Why did you decide to become a physician?  

We get asked this question a lot throughout our path in becoming a physician and it’s probably one of the hardest ones to answer, because it almost feels as though it is decided for you somehow. As cliché as it may seem, there truly is some type of inner calling that brings every physician to the field of medicine. Everything you do along your journey only reinforces that calling.

How did you choose your specialty?

Family Medicine is a field that allows a physician to be able to take care of a person and their family members in all stages of life. I am able to see patients grow and change as I treat and follow up with them. We get to serve as a constant for them and be the patient’s liaison to various specialists when needed.

What is your philosophy of care?

Medicine is an ever-changing and growing field. The reason medicine is referred to as the “practice” of medicine is because it is just that. To be a good physician and provide the most up-to-date medical treatments available, we must always be in the state of studying, learning and practicing what we are taught. The only way to truly be able to provide adequate medical care is for there to be mutual trust between the physician and the patient. The patient must trust that the physician will apply their years of study and training for the benefit of the patient’s health just as much as the physician must trust that the patient will hold up their end of the deal and be an active participant in their own healthcare.

What do you look forward to the most in working with the patients at LCM?

I look forward to giving back to the community in which I grew up. It is a privilege to be able to do so and to be able to provide for a part of the community which has been underserved.

What is the number one advice / tip you give your patients for healthy living?

It’s never too late to make a change in your health and physical fitness that you’ve always dreamed of, and I will partner with you to help you achieve that goal.

As a new physician with the LCM Medical Group, what have you noticed is the best thing Little Company of Mary has to offer patients?  

Little Company of Mary is very community-centered and really provides a caring environment for its patients, which seems to have built a true sense of loyalty.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of the office?

I like to travel with my husband, spend time with my family, work out (especially cycling) and go to comedy shows and the theater.


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