Featured Provider: Get to Know Dr. Marjorie Michel

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Every month, we feature a provider as an opportunity for the community to learn more about the great people on staff at Little Company of Mary Hospital. This month, we had the chance to talk with Marjorie Michel, M.D., OB/GYN with the Little Company of Mary Medical Group. Read on to get to know Dr. Michel.

Burbank Medical Center

4901 West 79th Street, Suite 10

Burbank, IL 60459


Mary Potter Physicians Pavilion

2850 West 95th Street, Suite 203

Evergreen Park, IL 60805


Why did you decide to become a physician?

  • I became a physician in order to serve my community. I believe that we all have to contribute to our own small villages and eventually to the greater community. As an OB/GYN, I am able to serve and heal the women in my community, who often place themselves last on a list of many things to do. I grew up at the feet of great women who often sacrificed themselves in order to see their families and communities flourish. I wanted to become the person that cared for and healed them. Being a physician allows me to merge the things that I love, including science and identifying and solving a problem.

How did you choose your specialty?

  • I believe that my first exposure to the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology was as a child while watching a TV show called “Heartbeat.” The main character I watched was a wife, mother and physician. I wanted to be just like her – She helped women that came to her office with all of their issues and she appeared to be so graceful in doing so. I explored OB/GYN from that point on and during my rotations as a medical student I knew that this field of medicine was my calling.

What do you enjoy most about being a physician?

  • I think that it helps me to know that at the end of the day I have helped someone feel better – whether it is writing a prescription, helping to deliver new life or performing a surgical procedure. I appreciate that I can use my God-given talents to help someone to physically feel better.

What is your philosophy of care?

  • I believe that I have a team approach to care. My position allows me to assess a situation and to present both my findings and options to the patient. As a team, my patient and I come up with the best approach for both her and her family at the time. Because the patient is the most important member of the team, I always support the decisions of my patients once the options have been presented to them.

What do you look forward to the most in working with the patients at LCMH?

  • I look forward to working in a faith-based organization. It is new to me, but I relish combining my faith with my practice.

What is the number one advice / tip you give your patients for healthy living?

  • In trying to take my own advice, try to place yourself first especially when it comes to your health – mental, emotional and physical. You cannot help someone else if you yourself are not healthy.

As a new provider at Little Company of Mary Hospital (LCMH), what have you noticed is the best thing Little Company of Mary has to offer patients?

  • I believe that LCMH has been a beacon of health to the community that it surrounds. LCMH allows patients to seek great medical care right in their own community and not need to travel a long distance in order to receive compassionate and empathetic healthcare.

If you hadnt become a physician, what would you be doing?

  • I am not certain, but I believe I would be doing something that also involves science, problem solving and one-on-one care. Or maybe a teacher of some sort.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of the office?

  • I am trying to get back into being more active – running, biking and resuming my swim lessons. My goal is to learn how to swim and overcome an anxiety of deep waters. I am trying to rise to the challenge of many new things such as learning to cook, volunteering my time to more medical missions and helping my community more with my talents and gifts.

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