Colon Health: Moving in the Right Direction

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Colon cancer is the number one non-tobacco-related cancer killer in the United States. Risk increases with age, and more than 90% of colorectal cancers occur in people aged 50 and older. Yet, only one-third of Americans older than 50 has been screened for colon cancer. For this reason, it is recommended that men and women aged 50–75 have routine colorectal cancer screenings.

Screening tests help find abnormal growths and during a colonoscopy, they can be removed before they have a chance to turn into cancer.  Precancerous polyps and early-stage colorectal cancer may not cause symptoms, especially at first. If symptoms are present, they may include:

  • A change in your bowel movement
  • Blood in or on your stool
  • Stomach pain, aches, or cramps that do not go away.
  • Losing weight without trying

Regular screening for colorectal cancer saves lives. Guidelines for colonoscopy include beginning at age 50 and every 10 years through 75. Screening may need to be done more frequently if polyps or early stage cancer is found. Your doctor will advise you on the best guidelines for you.

Hurtuk webJoin us on Monday, March 13th from 11:15 a.m. to Noon for a FREE program presented by Dr. Michael Hurtuk, M.D., colorectal surgeon with the LCM Medical Group. Dr. Hurtuk will be presenting “Colon Health: Moving in the Right Direction.”

This FREE event will take place at Little Company of Mary Hospital (2800 W. 95th Street, Evergreen Park) in the West Pavilion, Room W8538. CEU’s will be provided for nurses and radiology technicians. Reservations are required for this event. Call 708.423.5774 to reserve your spot today. CLICK HERE to take a FREE online colon cancer risk test.

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