Beverly Breast Cancer Walk Video Slideshow

On Mother’s Day, 2010, 12,000 people walked together for the 11th annual Beverly Breast Cancer Walk. What started as a walk among a group of friends and family on Mother’s Day has ballooned into a community-wide event that has raised nearly $1 million for Little Company of Mary Hospital’s Cancer Center. This year’s funds go toward the purchase of a second digital mammography machine after funding the first machine for Little Company of Mary Hospital’s Comprehensive Breast Health Center.

We put together a video of pictures from this amazing event. You’ll see that we had people of all races, men and women, young and old, united, walking for a common cause—a fight against breast cancer.

The event was full of a sense of celebration and hope. People carried pink balloons and pom pons, wore pink hats, boas and scarves and waved pink signs. They not only walked, but cheered each other on, remembered those they’d lost and celebrated those that have survived.

They walked for those they love, miss and to support those who are fighting. They walked because they survived. In the video, you’ll see several people with personalized T-shirts and signs that say who they are supporting with the walk. Our theme for the event was “Hope. Fight. Walk.” And we are so proud of the thousands of people who came together to do just that.

Please enjoy the video, and let us know about your experience at the Beverly Breast Cancer Walk!

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