Benefits of Infant Massage

Meet Maeve. She was born at Little Company of Mary Hospital in July 2010. Maeve has always been a great baby. “She’s mild tempered, and very active—she crawls, waves hi, pulls herself up and stands independently for a few minutes,” says her mom, Brigid. “She’s always been a good eater, and she loves music.”

Maeve’s cousin, Caitlin, was a bit more fussy. She had acid reflux, so when Caitlin’s mom heard about the Infant Massage class at Little Company of Mary, she thought it would be worth a try. She asked Brigid and Maeve, who was then 5 months old, to join her in the class.

Infant Massage is a two hour class offered at Little Company of Mary. The class is for parents or caregivers and babies from 2 weeks old to 8 months. Infant Massage will teach you massage techniques to soothe and calm your newborn.

The class is for babies of all mannerisms—from the colicky babies to the calmest ones, like Maeve. Benefits of massage to your baby include:

  • Helps baby sleep better
  • Relaxes and soothes
  • Promotes bonding
  • Stimulates development
  • Relieves discomfort from colic
  • Aids in digestion

“We learned about the importance of touch. And we learned different techniques based on your baby’s temperament and needs,” said Brigid. “Both Maeve and Caitlin seemed to like it a lot.”

And the lessons learned are being put to good use—especially, we’d guess, from Maeve’s point of view. “After I give her a bath, when I put her lotion on I’ll use the infant massage techniques. It relaxes her, and helps promote our bonding,” said Brigid. “I’d definitely recommend Infant Massage to any parent.”

Brigid also participated in the Birthing Basics class and Infant CPR before Maeve was born, and she currently participates in the Breast Feeding Support Group.

Brigid chose Little Company of Mary because she lives nearby and was recommended by friends. She had an excellent experience when Maeve was born at Little Company last year. “I thought the staff was great, the nurses were nice and friendly. The doctors were all great. We had a nice sized room, and my husband didn’t have to sleep in a chair. I thought the facility was great,” said Brigid.

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