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Three Sisters of the Little Company of Mary came to the United States in 1893 at the request of a Chicago civic leader whose wife had been cared for by the Sisters in Rome. The Sisters continued caring for the sick and dying in the Chicagoland area for 37 years before building the original Little Company of Mary Hospital in 1930.

Continuing their mission of caring for the sick in their homes, Little Company was the one of the first hospitals to offer hospice care to the metropolitan Chicago community in the 1970s. Little Company experienced an even bigger first in 1950 when three of its physicians performed the very first human organ transplant of a kidney, creating worldwide medical history.

Little Company, Today and Tomorrow

Today, Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers is a not-for-profit Catholic community hospital providing the latest surgical, inpatient and outpatient facilities. Little Company’s compassion for the sick is deep-rooted. Little Company’s Foundress, Venerable Mary Potter, fought a personal battle with cancer. Today our commitment to providing care for the sick, including those with cancer, has manifested itself through The Cancer Center at Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers. This state-of-the-art facility, offers a holistic approach to cancer treatment through an affiliation with the Medical Oncology Group of the University of Chicago Hospitals. The Center offers a wide range of integrative therapy services for patients such as acupunture, massage therapy, and post-treatment esthetic care, all in a nearby community setting.

Little Company, historically known as the “Baby Hospital,” has celebrated the births of nearly 200,000 babies. We welcome you to enjoy our Catholic tradition of family-centered mother/baby care. At Little Company, we feel every life is a gift from God and we celebrate by playing Braham’s Lullaby after each birth. Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers is also affiliated with the University of Chicago Perinatal Network so you can rest assured during the birth of your baby you are in good Company.

At Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers, we offer you our heritage of faith-based care that focuses as much on technology as the spiritual connection of prayer to the healing process. We look toward a future that draws on the experience and spiritual strength of our past , combined with the knowledge and scientific advances that will help us continue our mission of providing compassionate care. You’re in good company at Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers.

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