A Special Delivery at the Family Birth Center

The birth of a child is a unique and extraordinary experience for all families. For Robert Bonaminio, D.O., and his wife, Rose, the birth of their two children at Little Company of Mary Hospital has been especially meaningful because it’s also where Dr. Bonaminio is chairperson of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.

This July, they put the birth of their son, Dylan, in the hands of Travis Haldeman, D.O., an OB-GYN at LCMH. “When it comes to the birth of my own children, I try to take my physician hat off so I can be fully present as a husband and father,” Dr. Bonaminio says. “I completely trust the skills and care of my partners.”

Dylan’s birth was also unique because he was delivered using a procedure new to the Hospital called a gentle C-section. “With a gentle C-section, at the time of the delivery we drop the drape so mom can see the delivery, the dad has the option to cut the cord and the mom can hold the baby to initiate skin-to-skin contact immediately,” says Dr. Haldeman. “The intent is to personalize the delivery and make it more of a family experience than a sterile surgical procedure,” says Dr. Bonaminio, who worked with Certified Nurse Midwife Mary Kay Burke to bring the method to the Hospital. Click here to watch the NBC5 News Special Segment on Little Company of Mary Hospital Gentle C-Sections.

For Rose, whose first baby was born via traditional C-section, this new method made a big difference. “The gift of witnessing the birth was truly a miracle,” she says. Rose also credits the Family Birth Center at LCMH for putting her at ease throughout her pregnancies and deliveries with classes for new moms, a soothing environment and a support team of nurses and experts who provide education, breastfeeding help and more. “Little Company of Mary has a long tradition of being a place patients can receive top-notch medical care as well as emotional and spiritual support,” says Dr. Bonaminio. “The Family Birth Center is no exception.”


  • Wanda Gordon says:

    Dr. Bonaminio is my gynecologist and this is a great story about his beautiful family. Not only is he a excellent doctor but he is a very compassionate and caring person so I am not surprise to learn that he spear-headed the gentle C-section procedure. In addition, he is also correct in his statement regarding the top notch medical care as well as emotional and spiritual support each patient receives.

  • Monique Rawls says:

    Dr. Bonaminio is the BEST OB/GYN IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE He has delivered 3 out 4 of my chidren and I really appreciate all that he puts into his Practice.. Congrats on the new addition to your family I am very happy for the both of you……. Monique

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