8 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips From Little Company of Mary!

The holiday season means silver bells, snowflakes, and blinking lights. It also means chestnuts roasting, sugarplums, and if you’re not careful, loosening belts. Beginning with a huge Thanksgiving feast, the holiday season is full of parties and gatherings with spreads of food that can lead you directly to New Year’s weight-loss resolutions. But you don’t actually have to avoid the fabulous food in order to stay healthy. Elise Farrell, R.N. at Little Company of Mary Hospital, has the following tips so you can enjoy healthy holiday eating.

1. Focus on the meaning of the holiday. Nourish body with healthy food and the mind with the company of family of friends.

2. Vary your choices. Eat a variety in the form of smaller portions in a wider range of foods.

3. Look ahead. Survey the entire table before you make any selections

4. Take your time. Eat slow and savor each bite.

5. Take breaks. Pause to evaluate hunger and stop when full.

6. Channel your energy. Use energy not to resist the urge to overeat, but enjoy the holiday table in a sensible way.

7. Save space to play. Save room for physical activity, for example family strolls, active video games, backyard football games.

8. Have fun! Remember holidays are days of celebration, not self-denial.

Happy holidays, and bon appetit!

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