5 Myths About Skin Cancer

Myth Number 1: Tanning actually protects my skin.

The truth is tanning, just like sunburn, attacks the skin’s DNA. Altering the DNA leads to the development of abnormal cells which eventually may become cancerous.

Myth Number 2: People of color don’t need to worry about sun exposure.

People with naturally dark skin have greater protection, but they can still get skin cancer.

Myth Number 3: Old people get skin cancer.

The most serious and deadly form of skin cancer – Melanoma – is the most common cancer among young adults aged 25-29.

Myth Number 4: Tanning beds are safer because they only use UVA rays;

UVA radiation is a carcinogen (an agent that causes cancer). Studies show that tanning beds increase your risk for melanoma, basal cell, and squamous cell cancers. This 13 year old has noticeable damage from the use of tanning beds.

Myth Number 5: I don’t have to worry about skin cancer doesn’t run in my family.

While it is true that having a family history of skin cancer is a risk factor, only 10% of people with melanoma have a close family member with the disease. That means that 90% with melanoma do not. Even without a history of melanoma in the family, you can still develop this deadly disease.

The Little Company of Mary Health Education Center offers free skin cancer screening with a licensed Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gabriel Mooney. If you have an area of concern, Dr. Mooney will examine that area and provide you with medical guidance as to the best way to address that area. The next Skin Cancer Screening will be held on Monday June 16th from 10 AM – 12 Noon in the West Pavilion at Little Company of Mary Hospital. For more information about this program and to register, call 708 423-5774.

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