Gentle Baby C-Sections Featured on NBC 5 News!

Little Company of Mary Hospital offers a new holistic approach to Cesarean birthing. On May 7, 2012, Karrie Licatesi was Little Company of Mary Hospital’s first patient to experience a “Gentle” C-Section. Licatesi reached out to Mary Kay Burke, APN, CNM, WHNP, a certified nurse midwife who collaborates with board certified obstetricians to provide a modern holistic approach to southwest area expectant women throughout their pregnancy. Robert Bonaminio, D.O. is the Chairperson of Little Company of Mary’s Obstetric Department and was the operating physician for Licatesi. Little Company of Mary is currently the only hospital in the area offering “Gentle” Cesarean Births as one of the many services provided in the hospital’s Family Birth Center.

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